Article on Hostel Bookers: Why you Shouldn’t be Afraid to Trek Colombia

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Colombia is a trekker’s paradise for several reasons. It’s most obviously the baffling diversity of the place that lends itself to exploration on foot. Thanks to its position (near the equator but circling the Andes mountain range) Colombia boasts snow-capped mountains, idyllic beaches, dense jungles, barren deserts and much more. In some treks, you’ll experience all that in one go.

But it’s not just the scenery. Colombia is second only to Brazil in terms of biological diversity, and is infinitely easier to explore. The country is also home to an incredible amount of indigenous communities, from the Wayuu in the country’s wild Caribbean summit to the Amazonian tribes that inhabit the southern climes of Colombia.”

Article on 5 Surprising Countries for Drinking Wine

For those who want to avoid the crowds, however, or simply explore the road not taken, there are plenty of countries that have recently emerged as stiff competition in the wine industry. Not only does this mean we get to try more delicious wine, it also makes for a great travel opportunity for adventurous explorers.

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